Unit Proposal

For week 3, we were asked to write a proposal for the unit of instruction we intend to create over the course of this semester. The excerpt below comes from my proposal, the rest of which can be read at the website I’ve designed for this class.

In EdTech 542, I designed a PBL project for the university freshmen at my school. It is called the City Project and requires that students explore their city and create a presentation that answers the question: Is Daegu a good place to live while studying at university? As part of the project, students are asked to create thematic role-play videos that utilize language studied in class. For my project in EdTech 506, I intend to create a unit of instruction that will scaffold the video creation requirement of the City Project. This unit will focus on the necessary steps in creating a quality video using Microsoft Movie Maker from the scripting stage to the final YouTube.com upload.

The City Project has been run at the small group evaluation stage and was received warmly. Students were thrilled to have the opportunity to work beyond the canned classroom environment and rose to the technological challenge presented by the project. However, feedback specifically addressed the glaring lack of technology support. By providing specific instruction regarding video production, students will be able to spend less time learning the technology and more time exploring the learned language. The primary goal for this unit of instruction is to allow for the greatest level of language improvement.

See the proposal here.