PBL – Assessment

My PBL project on discovering opportunities within the city in which my students live uses key principles of assessment. The driving question for my project, ‘Is your university city a good place to live and study?’ asks my students to evaluate their situation and discover how best they can take advantage of their environment. Therefore, it is relevant to my students and asks them to actively participate in authentic situations with the desired outcome being improved confidence with English. The project provides collaborative activities supported by rubrics that engage the students in enjoyable learning experiences. Assessments also encourage self analysis though learning logs and peer review and teacher feedback. Students understand that their goal of improving English ability is for more than just a final exam which promotes ownership of their language learning.

The rubric I have built for the summative assessment clearly defines all aspects of the project requirements. It sets standards for each component of the project development and allows my students to know exactly what defines a successful presentation. Through this project, I hope my students will come to see their city in a new way. The goal is not simply to complete the project and present what they have found. It is instead to desire to explore and experience the multitude of wonderful opportunities, English or other, that are close at hand.