Final Reflection

Part 1

This is my first semester at Boise State and I feel I have come far. EdTech 541 has allowed me to carefully look at why I use technology, providing the necessary theory to support integration methods I have since applied. It is my goal to help my students reach high levels of achievement. I firmly believe that incorporating technology into my lesson plans pulls my students into learning environments that promote engagement, increase ability and make learning EFL enjoyable. As my students will someday be elementary school teachers in Korea, many of whom will teach English, I strive to show an example of the positive effects of blended learning.

Even before entering the M.ET program here at Boise State, technology has played a role in my lessons. However, through this course I have learned the importance of relative advantage. By critically evaluating each piece of the lesson puzzle and weighing the role of technology within that lesson, I have learned to create lessons plans that integrate multiple technologies and strategies. I feel that my work in EdTech 541 is in line with the department mission statement and can be used in the classroom, or as professional development.

One of the most important things I have learned from this course is that technology can be integrated into nearly any lesson. The strategies covered in 541 have proven to me that technology must be part of a complete lesson plan. Technology usage in the Korean classroom is underused. One of my primary goals in earning my masters is to instruct on the MA-TESOL for Young Learners program at my university. I feel Korean elementary school English teachers can benefit greatly from the knowledge I am absorbing within the M.ET program at Boise State and I look forward to developing a course in education technology that will help meet the needs of these teachers. My EdTech 541 project will serve to exemplify the role of technology in the Korean classroom.

Additionally, I feel my skills in sourcing, manipulating and incorporating internet-based technologies have increased exponentially. I am faster in locating quality resources as well as better adapted to manipulate these tools. My own interaction with the computer is far and away more proficient that before this semester started. This can be attributed to the prolific application of the integration strategies studied in this course. For this I am grateful.

I feel my work clearly demonstrates mastery of AECT standards. This link offers a comprehensive list of the standards as applied to each assignment.

Part 2

At times during this semester I was overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of work needed to achieve above standard results. However, I feel I worked diligently and completed nearly all assignments to the best of my ability. I am pleased with my level of development over this semester and feel that for my first time back within the ‘halls’ of higher education, I have done pretty well. I know that the skills I have obtained will serve me well in achieving my future goals.

Keeping a learning log was at first foreign to me but in retrospect, I feel the task promoted a higher level of interaction with the assignments we have completed. Much of what I accomplished meets the rubric requirements. I used APA style citations; I posted early on most posts; I used quality content and resources to support my content; I feel I used each post as a stepping stone before each assignment. However, I feel I underutilized the opportunity to participate in the classroom discussion by failing to comment on two posts each week. In total I think I only responded to roughly ten posts and this is an area I will need to improve upon to continue growing as a student and as a teacher.

Content: 65/75
Readings and Resources: 30/35
Timeliness: 20/25
Responses: 10/30

Total: 125/165