School Evaluation Summary

The Assignment:
As an education technologist, the ability to critically evaluate a schools technology plan will be a crucial skill. For the final assignment, we were asked to assess the technology environment at our individual schools using the Technology Maturity Benchmarks Survey. The survey focused on five areas of assessment: administrative, curricular, support, connectivity, innovation. Each of these categories were broken in to a number of subcategories making the evaluation highly detailed and effective.

Here is my survey:

From this survey I was able to create the following evaluation.

What I learned:
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to dig as deeply as I had hoped for this assignment. As I mentioned in my evaluation, I primarily looked at my department as it is what I know best and trying to get information from each of the other departments on campus in English would have been nearly impossible. Had I another week to complete this assignment and it was during the regular semester, I feel I could have delved into this much deeper. That said, I believe my findings to be representative of the situation on campus.

In all honesty, I was not very surprised by the middle of the road evaluation my school earned. I feel we are highly equipped technologically, yet lack in training, experimentation, and creativity. I’m even more disappointed in the overall lack of student-technology engagement. Powerpoint seems to be the only tech output required by the staff. As this is a university focused on training the next generation of elementary school teachers, I feel we are taking something away from future school children by not asking our students to engage in 21st century skills. This assignment has clarified my role as an educator who recognizes the need to better incorporate technology into my curriculum. I will certainly be requiring more from my students than those of my peers. If I can set something of an example, I can only hope others in my department will follow.