501 Introduction

The YouTube video below is an introduction of myself for the students of EdTech 501.

This video aligns with two AECT Standards:

2.4: Integrated Technologies.
Integrated technologies are ways to produce and deliver materials which encompass several forms of media under the control of a computer.

3.1: Utilization.
Candidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to use processes and resources for learning by applying principles and theories of media utilization, diffusion, implementation, and policy-making.

In making this video, I knew I wanted to use Roxio Creator. I have used this program for various personal videos (mostly mountain biking) but I also wanted to explore some of its fun editing tools. At first I had planned to have pictures and video come in full screen but I noticed there was the option to resize the images. I thought this was quite cool. Unfortunately I had already shot my commentary. Had I know of this feature I would have put my face more to one side leaving a greater space for the picture and video windows that come in and out throughout the video.

The end product was quite a bit longer than I had intended. I think I’ve been teaching EFL too long. I seem to speak quite slowly. Thank you everyone for your patience.