Final 522 Post

As we come now to the final day of this 2013 summer session, I am very proud of the progress I made in my EdTech Journey. EdTech 522 has allowed me to explore the processes by which a quality fully, blended or hybrid course is delivered. As my experience teaching rests mostly in the traditional face-to-face, techless environment, it has been very interesting and useful considering how I can add an online presence to my teaching.

Most importantly for me this semester is coming to the understanding of what a hybrid learning environment looks like as applied to my own courses. Having been part of the EdTech program now for almost 2 years, I knew what it looked like as a student. However, I was having real trouble getting my student experience to translate into a similar situation for my students. Some of the change came through the readings and assignments of EdTech 522. However, I feel that being able to get behind the controls of a high powered LMS, in my case Canvas, I was able to add, adjust and tweak in fine detail all the necessary elements of what my future classes might look like. For me, this was the most profound learning experience and one that will dramatically affect the future of my course.

EdTech 522 has been an excellent experience. I now enter into the culminating activity here at Boise State with yet another important EdTech path explored.