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My life is quite simple really. The six pictures  pretty much sum up who I am. I take these six ideas quite seriously, and dedicate myself to pursuing them passionately. As husband and father, I am guided by a sense of purpose and joy, and I try to spend as much time as I can with my four ladies. I chose the purple hued picture to represent my life as guide. My driving philosophy in teaching as well as my role in the mountain bike community in Daegu, South Korea can best be described with this idea. Bicycling has given me the greatest friends in the world and takes me places where I can frame the images of my memory in the photographs I take. Finally, I truly believe the bicycle can save the world. I chose the background image as my canvas because it shows how in everything I do, bikes permanently linger in some misty corner of my mind.

The challenge for me with this arrangement was choosing photos that work panoramically. I also wanted to practice the lessons from Other than using Fireworks minimally in EdTech 502, I have no experience with visual design software so diving into the tutorials and applying the ideas was my main goal for this week. Additionally, I wanted to practice visual literacy concepts considering type, shape, color, depth and space as well as contrast, alignment, repetition and proximity.