In chapter 4 of our book, we look at ‘Ace it with Principles, Actions, and Tools” (Lohr, 2008, p.71). We are asked to analyze, create, and evaluate a design that can be used within our project. Below is my design and the justification.

This graphic is intended as the home page for my unit of instruction. In the analyze phase of this week’s assignment, I had to determine how best to draw the students in and organize the information logically. To accomplish this, I chose to create an image that somewhat mimics a movie poster.

The creation phase was long and tedious with countless hours spent watching tutorials and coming to better understand how to use Adobe Illustrator. This was one of the challenges I set for myself this semester so the labor was one of love. To achieve my goal of creating the movie poster home page, I looked for inspiration anywhere I could think of (Lohr, 2008, p.77). In the end I found a template in Adobe Illustrator that helped me organize the page. I mimic some of the special organization, but created everything from scratch. I let the template get me started, but in the end, the image you see is very different indeed (Lohr, 2008, p.77)

However, the 80/20 principle did not apply in this case as it was more like 95/5. I think I created a 12 foot tall snowman with at least 10 rounds. I fully agree that “there are as many cycles as time and resources permit” (Lohr, 2008, p.89). In the end, I had to just stop tweaking. And the image is still not exactly as I thought would evolve from the process.

User Test/Changes
Luckily, two of my wife’s friends were over today for lunch and provide very reasonable and useful feedback. The original image was even darker and more foreboding than what I present now. A dark black and white image displayed a city silhouetted below ominous circling clouds. The two seated individuals in this image were also present in that. The lovely ladies at my aid said it gave the impression of a psychologist’s office. They were initially quite standoffish and suggested I brighten the image. Without prompting they asked me why I made it look like a movie poster if it was about role-playing. This is good. I explained that the role-plays will be video productions (which was written on the screen). They  then said the black back ground makes sense as it made them think of being in a movie theater. They like the image (which was very, very different at that time) but wanted more color. “They’re not making horror movies, are they?” One asked. “They could if they like.” I replied. But she was right. It was too dark. What you see here is my attempt to lighten the image and still create the effect of seeing a movie.