Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Learning goal: After three, one hour classes, student will create a blog, write and publish their first blog post, and comment on two other groups’ blogs.

Learning objectives:

1.0  Students can…

1.1.   List common blog characteristics.
1.2.   State the benefits of using reflective journals.

2.0  Students can…

2.1.   Create a group name and login information
2.2.   Successfully log into

3.0  After logging in to, students can…

3.1.   Choose a theme.
3.2.   Choose a layout for the home screen.
3.3.   Upload a photo from the user’s collection.
3.4.   Drag elements into the blog contents area.
3.5.   Write a description of the blog
3.5.1.       State the purpose of the blog
3.5.2.       Introduce the participants.
3.5.3.       Explain how the blog will develop over time.

4.0  For each blog post, in collaboration with group members, students can…

4.1.   Create a title and add the post under the home menu in hierarchical order.
4.2.   Write a reflection of the city experience.
4.3.   Embed a video.
4.4.   Post photos.
4.5.   Include appropriate links.
4.6.   Evaluate the quality of the post based on the provided rubric.

5.0  Using a rubric to provide guidance, students will…

5.1.   Relate similar experiences.
5.2.   Offer additional information.
5.3.   Request more information if lacking.
5.4.   Offer praise or critical feedback on the experience or mechanics of the post.
5.5.   Evaluate the embedded YouTube video using the video creation rubric.