PBL Debrief

As my project comes to an end, it will be crucial to take a step back and carefully and critically evaluate the process, the success, the failures and the outcomes. It is my hope that I will implement this project within the next one to two years. To do this, I will collaborate with a colleague who is interested in my project. Together, we will be able to provide feedback to one another. By working together, using the BEI teacher reflection worksheet and asking for student feedback, we will be able to fine tune this project. Also, since this project will not run for some time, my colleague and I will sit down together and review what I have created. I will look forward to his feedback before we go ahead. 

Within the project site, there are two documents taken from the BEI website that will assist in our assessment process. I feel it will be necessary to use these documents to make appropriate changes and ensure the project meets the goals it is intended to meet.

One of the biggest hurdles in teaching Korean students is the heavily weighted, cultural importance of saving face. Korean students are not asked to evaluate their peers. In many of the writing composition classes I have taught, peer review fails miserably. Students do not want to show the mistakes each other make as this is a direct attack on their ability. It will be necessary to provide examples of quality peer evaluations and build up or scaffold student’s critical thinking skills where peer review is concerned. I believe that due to the invested nature of this project, students will be able to provide relevant feedback because they will all feel like they own what they have accomplished.


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